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4(1)(b)(x) Monthly remuneration received by each of its officers & employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations

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The employees of this Council are governed by CCS Pay Rules and their pay is being regularized as per the Pay Scale recommended by VI Pay Commission including other allowances as applicable to the Central Government Employees.

The list of monthly remuneration received by the officers and employees born on the strength are as under:

S.No. Name of the Officer/Employee Pay Bands and Grade Pay
1 Prof Syed Ali Karim (On deputation) PB-4-37400-67000-8700 
2 Dr. Shams Equbal(On deputation) PB-3-15400-39100-7600 
3 Mr. Kamal Singh PB-2-9300-34800-5400
4 Ms. Shama Kausar Yazdani PB-2-9300-34800-5400
5 Dr. Kalimullah PB-2-9300-34800-5400
6 Mr. S.M. Khurram PB-2-9300-34800-4800
7 Mr. Intekhab Ahmed PB-2-9300-34800-4800
8 Shri Md. Firoz Alam PB-2-9300-34800-4800
9 Shri Ajmal Saeed PB-2-9300-34800-4800
10 Mr. Abdul Hai PB-2-9300-34800-4800
11 Mr. Mohd. Ahmed PB-2-9300-34800-4800
12 Mrs.. Neelam Rani PB-2-9300-34800-4600
13 Mrs. Zeshan Fatima PB-2-9300-34800-4600
14 Mr. M. A. Khan PB-2-9300-34800-4200
15 Mrs. Sajida Begum PB-2-9300-34800-4200
16 Mrs. Shahnaz Akhter PB-2-9300-34800-4200
17 Shri Muneer Anjum PB-2-9300-34800-4200
18 Mr. M.M. Ali Khan PB-2-9300-34800-4200
19 Mr. Masroor Saeed PB-2-9300-34800-4200
20 Mr. Tapender Kumar PB-2-9300-34800-4200
21 Dr. Md. Touqir A. Rahi PB-2-9300-34800-4200
22 Mr. Mohammad Ansar PB-2-9300-34800-4200
23 Mr. Mohd Asim PB-2-9300-34800-4200
24 Shri Naushad Ahmad PB-2-9300-34800-4200
25 Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad PB-2-9300-34800-4200
26 Mr. Md. Shahabuddin PB-2-9300-34800-4200
27 Mr. Afzal Hussain khan PB-2-9300-34800-4200
28 Mr. M. Sajidul Haque PB-1-5200-20200-2800
29 Mr. S.Mujeeb Ahmed PB-1-5200-20200-2800
30 Smt. Abgeena Arif PB-1-5200-20200-2800
31 Mr. Javed Iqbal PB-1-5200-20200-2800
32 Mrs. Manju Verma PB-1-5200-20200-2400
33 Mr. Md. Bahlul PB-1-5200-20200-2400
34 Mr. Gulshan Anand PB-1-5200-20200-2400
35 Mr. Dayanand PB-1-5200-20200-2400
36 Mr. S.Zakir Husain PB-1-5200-20200-2400
37 Shri Sanjay Singh PB-1-5200-20200-2400
38 Shri Abhishek Kumar PB-1-5200-20200-2400
39 Mr. Md. Mahasud Alam PB-1-5200-20200-1900
40 Mrs. Neelam Negi PB-1-5200-20200-1900
41 Mr.Kapil PB-1-5200-20200-1900
42 Mr. Nawal Kishore Meena PB-1-5200-20200-1900
43 Mr. Mohd. Tahir PB-1-5200-20200-1900
44 Mr. Mohd. Tauseeq PB-1-5200-20200-1900
45 Shri Rahul Gehlot PB-1-5200-20200-1900
46 Miss Indu Bisht PB-1-5200-20200-1900
47 Mr. Amit Bara PB-1-5200-20200-1900
48 Mr.Akarsh Kumar PB-1-5200-20200-1900
49 Mr. M. Yadagiri PB-1-5200-20200-2000
50 Mr. Harish Lal PB-1-5200-20200-1900
51 Mr. Miyan Jan PB-1-5200-20200-1900
52 Mr. V. Siddique PB-1-5200-20200-1900
53 Mr. Jitender Kumar PB-1-5200-20200-1900
54 Mr. Rajesh Kumar PB-1-5200-20200-1900
55 Mr. Dinesh K. Sharma PB-1-5200-20200-1900
56 Shri Anil Kumar PB-1-5200-20200-1900
57 Shri Iqbal Husain PB-1-5200-20200-1900
58 Shri Rudal Sah PB-1-5200-20200-1800
59 Shri Veer Singh PB-1-5200-20200-1800
*On Deputation

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