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4(1)(B)(II) The Powers And Duties Of Its Officers And Employees

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This Council is having a sanctioned strength of 63 employees.The work of this Council has been divided in the following sub-sections which are dealt by the officers mentioned against each headed by the Principal Publication Officer under the overall command/control of the Director.

SN Officer Duties



  • to be the custodian of the records and such other properties of the Council as the Executive Board may commit to his charge;

  • to conduct official correspondence on behalf of the authorities of the Council;
  • to convene meetings of the Council and its authorities on directions of the Chairman and of all committees appointed by any of these authorities;

  • to keep the minutes of the meetings of the Council, the Executive Board and the Finance Committee;
  • to maintain accounts of the Council;

  • subject to the control of the Executive Board to manage the property and investments of the Council;
  • subject to the powers of the Executive Board, to be responsible for seeing that all moneys are expended on the purposes for which they are granted or allotted;

  • to sign all contracts made on behalf of the Council and to sue and be sued on behalf of the Council;
  • to frame the budget of the Council every year and forward it through the Finance Committee to the Executive Board for scrutiny and,

  • to exercise such administrative and financial powers as may be assigned to him by the Executive Board.


Principal Publication Officer

  • To assist the Director in carrying out his duties as listed above.
  • To carry out all academic, administrative and Financial duties as may be delegated by the Director.
  • To carry out the routine duties of Director in his absence.
  • To convene Panel Meetings and other associated meetings, to prepare Agenda / Minutes and initiate action on the decision thereof.
  • To carry out duties related to all publication matters and also to devise the strategies for sale & publication of NCPUL publications.



Asstt. Director (Admn.)

  • To assist the Director in administrative & Financial management of the office.
  • To supervise work relating to administrative, personnel and establishment matters recruitment promotion pay fixation and other service related matters.
  • To liaise with the concerned Ministry and other local offices on all administrative and accounts Budget activities.
  • To hold charge of Admn. & Accounts division and is responsible for disposal of offices business falling within the divisions.
  • To act as Nodal officer of Ministry in dealing with correspondence, on legal, vigilance, parliament questions, submission of annual reports/accounts & report on all evaluations.
  • To functions as P.I.O. (NCPUL) under R.T.I. Act, 2005 when nominated.
  • In exercise of administrative and Financial power delegated, to accord sanction.
  • Any other work as assigned by Director.



Asstt. Director (Acad.)

  • To assist the Director in Academic function of the office.
  • To supervise work relating to academic activities as assigned.
  • To prepare agenda and minutes for all Panels meetings and associated academic meeting dealt by them and initiate actions on the minutes.
  • To allot translation, vetting, composing, proof reading and seeking expert’s opinion, review/evaluation in rationalized rotation from the panel signed by the Director.
  • Shall be responsible for all contents of the literary productions and forward press ready manuscripts to the production section after certifying the quality of contents from all angles.
  • To send complimentary copies of new titles published by NCPUL as per distribution approved by the Executive Board in its XXXII meeting held on 03.10.2011.
  • Public Relation work and draft press releases of the Section related for Editorial Section.
  • Bilingual Panel Creative Panel Children Literature Panel.
  • To do collaboration with other institutions in the related subject dealt with.
  • Reprint of NCPUL publication.
  • Any work as assigned.



Research Officer

To sanction as head of a section / unit handling the work related to the section / unit e.g.  Computer Education, production and projects etc., keeping records of Technical Committee’s payment, file list of Computer Centers and students and their results.
Looking after the work related to Grant-in-Aid Schemes, Publication of Manuscripts, Publication of Books and Periodicals, Seminar, Workshop, Conference, Academic Projects Collaborations with Urdu Academies and Institutions, Panel Meetings and keeping records.


Assistant Education Officer

Looking after the work related to School Education (Book Promotion, Exhibition, Library and Sale of Publications, Stock of Books).  Distance Education (Urdu & Functional Arabic) and keeping records


Assistant Editor

To look after selection, editing of articles, review and any other information to be incorporated in magazines/journals published by NCPUL, to finalize the press releases on receipt of the draft from the concerned dealing section, to supervise marking all important news in the news paper before submission to Director, to oversee routine functions and control on staff of Editorial section. Any other work as assigned


Jr. Admin.-cum-Accounts Officer

Looking after the work related to Personnel, Administrative, Finance, Accounts, Keeping records of Payment Vouchers and Audited Accounts



To maintain library and looking after scheme of Bulk purchase and dispatch of all published magazines and journals, to make classification and codification of books/publication, to purchase the magazine, books, newspaper and processing for payment. Any other work as assigned


Research Assistant

To monitor & implement the various schemes of the council, to get the manuscripts translated, vetted, proof read, composed from experts/professionals & to get their payment made. To convene workshop/panel meeting for preparing Dictionaries, Text Books etc.  To interact Urdu scholars regarding council’s seminar/conferences.  To procure the printing material & making payment.  To get the camera ready copy printed. .  To release the grants to various NGO, as recommended by concerned committees.   Sale & supply of NCPUL Publications.  To participate in various Book fairs all over the country.  To make necessary arrangements to organize Urdu Kitab Melas. 


Hindi Translator

To look after all translation work from Hindi to English, Urdu vice versa, To submit draft reply of Hindi correspondence preparation of report return to the Asstt. Director (Admn.) for approval. Any other work as assigned


Technical Assistants

To assist the Research Assistants in performing their duties. To arrange to necessary material for Urdu Duniya/FT NCPUL magazines.    To procure and keep the record of library books of NCPUL. 


Office Superintendent

To supervise the work of all LDC/UDC in Accounts & Administration section.  Preparing of Bank Reconciliation Statement and Final Accounts of the council.  To compile the information and record, required by the Ministry.  To assist the JAAO in preparing reply the parliament questions, in preparing RE/BE of the council.


PA/ Sr. Stenographer/ Jr. Stenogrpaher

To attend visitors, telephone calls and dictation from Director and PPO.
To keep important files of the Section and assist PPO and ADs in various matters.


Upper Division Clerk/
Accounts Clerk

Passing of Pay, TA, contingent, LTC, Medical claim etc.  Bills Procurement of Store/Stationery items, awarding of AMC, Maintenance/repair of office equipment etc., and Maintenance of Stock Register.  Payment of TA/DA to non-official in meeting & Seminar.   Ledgering, Preparation of expenditure statement and trial balance.


Lower Division Clerk

Diary dispatch, Typing, Filling work.  Duties related to cashier.  Upkeep of decision of executive council/Executive Board/Finance Committee and GIA Committee.  Keeping of all old records. 


Urdu Typist

All work related to Urdu Language, Diary dispatch, Typing/composing in Urdu & English,Filling work maintenance of ledger, accounts, recording, minutes of the committees, To process bill for payment & seeking sanction. Any other work as assigned.


Hindi Typist

All work related to Hindi Language, Diary dispatch, Typing/composing in Hindi & English, Filling work maintenance of ledger, accounts, recording, minutes of the committees.To process bill for payment & seeking sanction. Any other work as assigned.


Multitasking Tasking Staff (Peon/Chowkidar/Packer/Safaiwala)

Delivering of dak (outside the building), Physical maintenance of records of Section, Stitching and binding of Books/Bundle/records/files/registers of the Section/Unit, Loading/unloading of Stokes/Books, Displaying Books, fixing chart, banners etc, Assisting in routine officer work like diary, dispatch etc. including on computer, Maintenance of office equipments/fixtures and fittings and provide necessary assistance for running of such equipments, Driving of vehicles, if in possession of valid driving license, Carrying of files and other papers within the building/office, Opening and closing of rooms, Up-keeping of lawans, potted plant, Dusting of furniture etc, Watch ward duties, Housekeeping and hospitality functions, General cleanliness and upkeep of the Section/Unit, Sanitation work of building/office, cleaning of rooms, cleaning of building fixtures etc, Any other work assigned by the superior authority.

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