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NCPUL is the principal publication house of Government of India in Urdu. The publications of NCPUL have been rated very high in the academic circles. The focus of publication programme is to produce quality children literature and textbooks for Urdu medium schools. The most important activity under publication is making available authentic text of classics written during last 300 years of evolution of Urdu poetry and prose. Coupled with this is the work relating to production of Dictionaries, Encyclopaedia and reference books. The Council in pursuance of the objective "to take action for making available in Urdu language, the knowledge of scientific and technological development as well as knowledge of ideas evolved in the modern context" has embarked upon production of books covering all aspects of society - with emphasis on science.

Journals and Magazines

Besides this council publishes two important magazines namely "Urdu Duniya" monthly, and "Fikr-o-Tehqeeq" quarterly.

Urdu Duniya

The monthly "Urdu Duniya" at present, is a leading magazine of Urdu news and views. In other words a concise book of general knowledge which cover not only the current activities of Urdu world but it has also earmarked some pages for the Urdu classic. This has become a trendsetter in the field of Urdu Publications because of its large circulation. Each and every topic covered in Urdu Duniya is informative, thought provoking and keeps its readers abreast of the prevalent trends in the country and abroad related to Urdu world. Rs 15 per Copy and Annual Subscription Rate Rs 150.


Fikr-o-Tehqeeq is a prestigious literary journal of Urdu published quarterly by NCPUL. Rs 25 per Copy and Annual Subscription Rate Rs 100.

Children Literature

To make books available for children from five to fourteen years age group in Urdu, the NCPUL has selected 175 titles of Children Book Trust's publications covering different subjects like science, social sciences, historical books, short stories etc, and translated them into Urdu. Out of these, 125 titles have been published and 50 books are under publication and will be brought out shortly.

Tehqeeq Wa Taaruf by: Haneef Naqvi

This book is the collection of his 20 articles, which were penned down during 1968 to 2010. Most of the article talks about the prominent personalities of Urdu literature and presents the analytical and research oriented study of literary assets of 18 and 19th centuries. Pg.: 288, Rs.: 99/-, ISBN: 978-81-7587-986-7.

Urdu Lisaniyaat by: Ali Rafad Fatihi

Diverse aspect of Urdu Linguistic has been discussed in this book. It talks about the phonological, grammatical and semantic characteristic of Urdu language. It also deals with the history and linguistic theories of language in a simple and attractive manner. Pg.: 274, Rs.: 139/-, ISBN: 978-81-7587-867-9.

Urdu Mein Taraqqi Pasand Adabi Tehreek by: Khaleelur Rehman Azami

This book is a documentation of the literary contributions made by Progressive Writer’s Movement in Urdu. It narrates the history of its establishment, background and evolution. It also provides a deep analysis of literary belongings of the movement. Pg.: 412, Rs.: 129/-, ISBN: 978-81-7587-906-5.

Dhwanya Lok by: Anand Wardhan

This book is based up on the Poetic of Sanskirit literature, which has been considered as a reference to understand Sanskirit literary values after Natya Shastra by Bharat Muni. The Present Urdu Version is a translation by Anbar Behraech, who has an expertise over the language. Pg: 88, Rs. 64/-, ISBN: 978-81-7587-910-2.

Hindustani Tehzeeb (Bostan-e-Khayal ke Tanazur mein) by: Ibne Kanwal

This book presents the cultural pictures of medieval India with special reference to the most acclaimed Urdu tale ‘Bostan-e-Khyal’. It also throws the light on the art of tale, Bostan-e-Khayal and the author. It compares the outer reflection of culture with the civilization depicted in the tale and includes moral values, dogma and mis-believes. Pg.: 416, Rs. 131/-, ISBN: 978-81-7587-985-0.

Urdu Safarnamon Mein Hindustani Tehzeeb-O-Saqafat Edited by: Khwaja Md. Ekramuddin

This book introduces the chief cultural values of India, Delhi and allies states as portrayed in Urdu travelogues. It covers the opinion on the Indian cultural potentialities made by the foreigners in their writings. The healthy tradition of travelogue as an independent genre of literature has also been focused. Pg. 524, Rs. 166/- , ISBN: 978-81-7587-907-2.


The complete set of Farhang-e-Asfia dictionary comprises of four volumes with more than 60 thousands entries/words. This is a very authentic and genuine dictionary of Urdu which was out of print for a long time. In this Dictionary words of Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Sanskrit and English have been retained which have become an integral part of Urdu language.

English-Urdu Dictionary

This prestigious English-Urdu Dictionary compiled under the chief editorship of Prof. Kalimuddin Ahmed consists of six volumes. More than two and half Lacs English words, phrases and idioms with meanings are given. In addition, terms of eighty four disciplines have also been covered in the dictionary.

Jam-e-Urdu Encyclopaedia

Jam-e-Urdu Encyclopaedia is complete in itself and is of the International standards prevalent in Urdu world. Seven volumes of the encyclopaedia have been published and its final volume based on Physics, Chemistry and Engineering is under the process of completion.
33 different subjects have been covered in 8 volumes of this encyclopaedia, maintaining an objective and extensive coverage, along with simple language which is easy to understand.
Volume I (Literature), in this Urdu language, Foreign languages and Other Indian languages have been covered. Volume II (History) consisting of Archaeology, Islamic History, World History and Indian History, Volume III (Social Sciences-II) consists of Public Administration, Education, Sociology, Political Science, Law, Library Science and Commerce, Volume IV (Social Sciences) comprises four disciplines, i.e. Geology, Geography, Forestry and World Countries, Vol. V (Physics Chemistry & Engineering), Vol. VI (Zoology, Botany & Agriculture), Vol. VII comprises Mathematics, Medicine, Astrology & Veterinary and Vol. VIII comprises Art, Fine Art, Philosophy & Religion.

Sher Shor Angez

Sher-e-Shor Angez in four volumes written by the leading Urdu scholar Prof. S.R. Faruqi is an endeavour to render into simple and easily comprehensible language of Mir's poetry, who is called "Khuda-i Sukhan", In the book not only his poetical creativity has been delved in detail but the meanings of selected couplets are explained in a lucid manner which opens the eyes of Mir's lovers and Urdu research scholars

Jahan se dekhiye Ek Sher-e-Shor Angez Nikle Hai
Qayamat ka sa hungama hai har ja mere diwan mein

Tareekh Adab Urdu
(First to Fifth Volumes)

Tareekh Adab Urdu in five volumes has been brought out by the council this covers the history of Urdu literature from its inception till the seventeenth century. These volumes have been jointly written by erudite researchers Prof. Gyan Chandra Jain and Prof. Sayeda Jaffar.

This book differs in many ways from the earlier books written on the history of Urdu literature. Particularly at the micro level each and every aspect of Urdu language, evolution and contribution of sufis, poets, writers etc. from Kashmir to Kanya kumari and Khambat to Bay of Bengal has been covered in detail.

Books Exhibitions

Publication is worth only if it reaches the masses and its target readers properly. To achieve this goal, NCPUL has made a concerted effort on sales promotion through the net-working of the V.O.s and state Urdu academies and leading educational institutions throughout the country. NCPUL has participated in various international book exhibitions held in India and organised a few of its own. These efforts have yielded the desired results and sale of the council's publications have increased considerably. NCPUL has so far organized Twelve Kul Hind Urdu Kitab Melas at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Patna, Srinagar, Hyderabad and two Reaginol Book Fairs at Delhi and Guwahati.

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